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Correct placement of medical ventilator

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1. Ensure that the ventilator is placed on a flat and hard surface, so that the non-slip rubber pad at the bottom of the ventilator is in good contact with the surface (do not place the ventilator on a surface covered with fabric). The ventilator (including the humidifier) must be in operation. Guaranteed level.
2. Do not place the home ventilator on the edge of the table or bedside table to prevent it from being accidentally knocked down.
3. If the humidifier is used together with the ventilator, make sure they are placed below the level of the user's head, so that the condensed water in the breathing circuit will automatically flow back to the water tank of the humidifier.
4. If the water in the water tank of the ventilator and humidifier enters the system after the ventilator and humidifier fall, please immediately turn the ventilator's airflow outlet downwards, pour out the water entering the ventilator (including the humidifier) completely, and then place it Dry in a well-ventilated place. Only make sure that the household ventilator is completely dry before reuse.
5. If improper placement of the ventilator tubing causes the ventilator to fall, please refer to the manual to install and place the ventilator tubing correctly to avoid the ventilator falling due to the entanglement of the tubing. If the system still does not work after the above steps, please contact the dealer to detect the cause of the failure and repair it.

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