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Model:EK910     Series:BREATHALYZER

Health Care Digit Breathalyzer Fuel Cell Breath Alcohol Tester
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Fuel-Cell Professional Breathalyzer

1. Fuel cell sensor technology: high sensitivity and quick response
2. Sensor Accuracy +/- 0.005% bac or +/-0.050 ‰ bac or +/-0.025 mg/l
3. Dispaly: 4 digit LCD backlit display
4. Portable and fashion design with zinc alloy material.
5. Testing records: 10 recent records
6 .Battery saved design with micro USB charging method, low voltage indication
7. Smart MCU control
8. Applicable to drivers and home use

Breathalyzer Accuracy -  breathalyzer uses fuel cell sensor technology. Using the fuel cell sensor series alcohol meters can keep the accuracy in thousands of tests and provide you with long-term reliability; the testing results ranging from 0.00~4.00‰BAC or 0.00~0.400%BAC or 0.00 ~2.00mg/L with this professional alcohol tester
Alcohol Testing with One Button Operation - The digital alcohol tester is extremely easy to use: press power button for 2 seconds to start the alcohol tester then blow for testing; after 5-6 seconds blowing, your testing result will be displayed on the LCD screen, and the result can be displayed for about 120 seconds; the previous 10 times testing records can be tracked with this professional grade blood breathalyzer.
Alcohol tester with Intelligent Alarm Function - This alcohol meter is with high precision and intelligent MCU control system: when the testing result is higher than 0.05% bac or 0.50 ‰ bac or 0.25 mg/l, the red light flashes and a continuous drop sound is emitted to alarm the user. Please kindly note that the default alarm value is 0.05% bac or 0.50 ‰ bac or 0.25 mg/l and the sensor accuracy is +/- 0.005% bac or +/-0.050 ‰ bac or +/-0.025 mg/l; the alarm value can be adjusted based on ins.
Professional Breathalyzer with Environmental Friendly Power Design - unlike the traditional alcohol breathalyzers,this fuel-cell breathalyzer adopts the built-in lithium battery as the power supply; when it is fully charged, it can be used over 300 times; 1 pc micro USB cable included for charging and 5 replacement mouthpieces included for whole family or friends usage.
Risk-Free Purchase - Customer's satisfaction is always our pursuit, 30 days refund or replacement and 12-month warranty will be offered with breathalyzer; (Please kindly note that the initialization / warming time of the breathalyzer will be prolonged to 2 circles in order to full clean the alcohol residue under the following status: A. not in use for a long time; B. works in a low temperature environment; C. the previous testing of the alcohol concentration is high).
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